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The law “on statutory audit, professional organization of certified auditors and chartered accountants”, Law no. 10091, dated 05.03.2009, amended with Law 47/2016, with which there has been harmonisation of the Albanian legislation with the Directive 2006/43/EC, requires the audit firms of public interest entities to publish annual Transparency Reports.

The Transparency Report contains particulars and information for our company in relation to: the legal structure and its shareholders, the legal and structural relations with the network to which it belongs, its governance, the internal quality control system that it follows, the last quality assurance review from the Institute of Authorized Chartered Accountants of Albania, the public-interest entities to which it has carried out statutory audits, the independence practices that it follows, the continuing education policy for its employees, the financial information relating to its financial condition and finally the basis of remunerating its statutory auditors.

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