Our tax services team can provide guidance to multinational and local groups of companies in developing their tax strategies that can maximise tax planning benefits and meet all compliance requirements of local tax legislation. Drawing from experience and expert knowledge we can provide professional assistance to businesses in domestic and international tax planning. Structuring international transactions in a tax efficient manner demands a degree of specialization that requires the expertise of a tax professional advisor. Our team has this knowledge to assist Clients meet their tax planning objectives. Our goal is to deliver comprehensive and practical tax solutions that help businesses meet their local and worldwide tax and statutory responsibilities. Our tax services team should help to achieve cost efficiencies in line with each company’s risk profile.
Our tax services include the following:

Corporate tax

Our tax teams handle issues ranging from straightforward compliance to complicated tax planning. In fact compliance is only the beginning. Our proactive tax service ensures that all our clients maximise the opportunities available to them.
Whether your business is owned domestically or from abroad, our corporate tax specialists bring to each assignment a professional thoroughness and a wealth of knowledge of local corporate tax law and business conditions.
Our services include:

Indirect Tax (VAT)

Businesses trading internationally inevitably come up against a complex array of foreign indirect taxes. Depending on the nature of the goods or services they supply and depending on the countries in which they trade, these can include value added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), sales taxes, customs duties and excise duties.
Indirect taxes are generally a cost for the consumer to bear. The burden of administering them however usually falls on the supplier, and for the business which gets it wrong, an unforgiving battery of stiff financial penalties lies in wait.
Nexia International member firms’ tax specialists guide multinational clients through the complexity of the world’s indirect tax systems.
The following are some of the areas in which we can provide valuable support:

Global mobility tax services

International groups which have staff working on assignment overseas will understand the benefits to be gained from supporting their employees whilst in their temporary working location and ensuring they are free to concentrate on their work. Support in relation to expatriate taxes and social security requirements is key and careful planning can minimise the burden for both employees and employers.
Member firms work with businesses who relocate employees overseas, and with individuals on their financial management and tax issues, including pre-departure and subsequent return tax planning and compliance.
We provide international groups with a full spectrum of expatriate tax services. Some of the ways in which we can help include:

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing compliance requirements, country by country reporting and an ever changing landscape, makes transfer pricing one of the most fundamental tax issues facing multinational businesses.
Transfer pricing refers to the pricing policies adopted by groups of companies for transactions between companies in the group, such as the sale of goods, the provision of services, or the licensing and use of technology and intangible assets.
Many countries now have transfer pricing legislation empowering their tax authorities to tackled pricing perceived not to be at ‘arm’s length’.
All groups trading internationally can expect to be the subject of transfer pricing enquiries across the globe.
Our worldwide transfer pricing specialists collaborate efficiently to deliver global solutions for our clients that protect against the challenges posed by transfer pricing rules and interpretations.
At a glance, here is how we can help you:

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