Global legal compliance is the basis of a company’s continued success

With experts across the globe, we not only help you avoid non-compliance issues, but support you in making and implementing strategic decisions while structuring your legal obligations to be as beneficial as possible.

Our expertise covers all aspects of keeping your day-to-day business running smoothly. We deliver solutions tailored to your corporate structure and which deal with formalities under local national law, meaning you can focus on running your business. Understanding respective national requirements means we can set up a reliable corporate environment for your business. We present integrated solutions for corporate life events that help you achieve your milestones.

Our international, interdisciplinary teams can advise on the establishment of subsidiaries in other locations, cross-border acquisitions, restructuring of multinational groups or mergers of individual corporate entities. Globalisation and digitalisation facilitate fast-track business operations and communication making cross-border activities as current as ever.
To ensure your international partnerships thrive and your business grows, our mergers and acquisitions (M&A) specialists support you in complex processes from the sale and acquisition of companies, to setting-up joint ventures and IPOs), helping you overcome obstacles to ensure your goals are reached.

Our highly specialised legal experts have a sound understanding of business operations and will assist in negotiating and drafting commercial agreements. This means that you can rely on a solid grounding for your international partnerships. Through interdisciplinary exchange and our vast knowledge of international contract standards, complex intra-group circumstances can be organised and regulated.
Whatever your expansion plans may be, our local experts in real estate and banking law can support you in purchasing and financing the suitable premises. By carrying out due diligences, drafting the relevant documentation or assessing the intended transactions from a tax perspective, we can support you in successfully completing your real estate transactions.
To set up a contractual framework that fosters a solid relationship with your employees, we deliver guidance through the provisions of social security law or collective and individual agreements. In addition, our employment law experts can help you implement pension schemes or organise temporary employment to react to current needs.

Disputes relating to employment or otherwise, can be settled amicably. However, we offer strong litigation teams to strategise in arbitration or local court proceedings to efficiently protect your interests and legal position.

Our service expertise:

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