Financial efficiency through billing simplicity


An e-invoice is issued, transmitted, received and processed electronically. It is digital throughout its entire life cycle, from when the issuer creates to when the receiver accepts it.  

This is not the same as sending and/or receiving digital (PDF) invoices. An e-invoice is a standardized data file which can be processed by your ERP or financial system without any human intervention.

As a bonus, eliminating paper and physical distribution will save costs as well as the environment.

Manage e-invoices, paper and PDFs via a single, cloud-based platform. Fully electronic, automated solutions for sending and receiving all your invoices.



Only the cost of paper invoice in Albania is ALL 8,4/invoice.

According to Billentis report 2015, electronic invoicing is reputed to save approximately €6.60/invoice.

Using Billy, a Nexia AL solution, savings can be even greater.

This huge cost saving is mainly due to the reduction in postage costs, paper consumption, manual handling of paper invoices and the cost of equipment used in the printing and posting process.

Billy enables electronic invoices, real time cashpaid invoices, and associated financial documents, to be stored securely online.

This provides easy access from remote locations – facilitating the work of your external accountants and auditors. Online storage also aids internal document searching, retrieval and performance analytics.

The biggest threat to business success is, often, wasted time. Billy creates better financial efficiency, through invoicing simplicity.

Automate repetitive manual processes, freeing up accounts receivable teams to focus on more profitable activities. Billy enables businesses to make more efficient use of employees’ time.

Billy can be used to achieve tax compliance through digital signatures and real-time electronic transmission and record keeping. The admin panel simplifies searching and analysing electronic invoice files, making auditing easier and lower-cost.

Albanian law no.87/2019 stipulates mandatory B2G e-invoicing requirements starting from 1-st January 2021 and non-cash B2B transactions starting from 1-st July 2021.

However, once a business starts e-invoices for B2G transactions is reasonable to result in adoption of even outside of B2G circles.

Collecting money fast is always a major competitive edge. e-invoicing enables faster payments, less hassle and less delinquency.


Billy customers enjoy faster payment of invoices, resulting in greater working capital and free cash flow; enabling business growth and increased financial stability.

Even in large and successful businesses, credit control can be one of the last areas to be modernised. Making this transformation of invoicing processes results in real-time visibility of invoicing status.


Improved visibility provides insight that can be acted on, to support credit controllers in reducing late-payments and disputes.

Best e-Invoicing software, built for Albanian businesses

Do you still seek to find an authorized fiscalization software provider?

We are happy to support you in complying with tax legislation and digitizing and automating your invoice flow.

Billy offers a user friendly and easy solution for e-invoicing and real-time cash paid invoices.

The benefits we will bring you as an e-invoice software provider

We are not just another IT solution.

We offer the best solutions for e-invoice together with a significant expertise in accounting, tax and business advisory services of a top ten global accounting firm.

Start invoicing with five easy steps

Log-in into your business account in the Self-care portal 

1.    Register your points of sales 

2.    Register your electronic equipment for cash paid invoices

3.    Register your operators for each point of sale

4.    Install billy into your electronic equipment (Windows/Linux PC, or Android mobile)

5.    Upload your electronic signature into billy

Start issuing signed e-invoices or cash paid invoices with billy.

Get validated, signed e-invoices with billy.

Integration is easy with billy

Getting connected is easy

Billy is developed to enhance your finance processes without disrupting your IT infrastructure. The platform integrates easily with major ERPs and accounting software

ERP independent and works with your accounting system or ERP

Billy is ERP independent. Amongst others, we provide interfaces for ERP/financial system.Our solutions integrate effortlessly with your ERP / financial system with API. 


Our APIs support asynchronous Web Service integration. The platform supports both SOAP and RESTful over HTTPS.

On-Premise & Cloud

Our solutions can be installed on-premise (on your own server) or in the cloud. The choice is all yours!


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